Create DICT Key Transaction

DICT Key Types and Requirements
The DICT Key must be one of the following valid types: CNPJ, CPF, email, phone number, or UUID version 4. Each type has specific formatting and validation rules as outlined below.

Key TypeRequirementValidation Pattern
CNPJNo formatting; must contain 14 characters14 numeric characters only
CPFNo formatting; must contain 11 characters11 numeric characters only
EmailMust be a valid email formatStandard email validation
CellphoneMust follow international format with '+' prefix^\+[1-9]\d{1,14}$
UUID v4Must be a valid UUID version 4Standard UUID v4 validation

Protection Feature
To safeguard the system against misuse and to prevent depletion of user tokens from BACEN's DICT control, a protection mechanism is implemented. If an invalid DICT Key is submitted, it will automatically be added to a blacklist for a duration of one hour. This feature helps to prevent repeated attempts with invalid keys.

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