The ACAM file (Exchange File) is one of the files used by the Central Bank of Brazil (BACEN) for collecting information on foreign exchange operations conducted in the country. It is part of the system for recording and controlling these operations, providing detailed data on foreign exchange transactions carried out by institutions authorized to operate in the foreign exchange market.


An ACAM can have one of the following statuses, each indicating a specific stage in the execution process:

  • WAITING_CUSTOMERS: Waiting for customer data to be entered. At this stage, the information on foreign exchange operations has not yet been fully recorded.
  • CUSTOMERS_SELECTED: Customer data has been selected based on our compliance rules. The next step is to review and validate the recorded information.
  • REVIEWING: The customers are under review. The information on foreign exchange operations is being verified to ensure accuracy and compliance with regulations.
  • VALID: It has been successfully validated. All information has been confirmed as correct and compliant with standards.
  • FAILED: The ACAM failed validation. There are errors or inconsistencies in the data that need to be corrected before the ACAM can be considered valid.


Our system is ready to perform the automatic integration and validation of the ACAM customer data. To enable this feature, simply contact us and let us know your choice. Once this is done, just follow our "How to" guide in the ACAM section and implement the workflow in your application.


Please note that if you choose not to integrate the systems, the ACAM file will need to be sent manually to our operations department.

Sandbox Environment

Important information regarding the sandbox environment:

  • If you wish to perform a failure test, simply enter the value 12345678909 in the taxId field and send it to us.
  • If any taxId other than the one mentioned above is sent, a valid response will be produced.