Technical and Operational Conditions

1. API Availability

Guaranteed Uptime: Our API is designed to maintain a 99.8% uptime. This level of availability ensures that services are accessible for continuous integration and operation, except during scheduled maintenance or due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.

2. Service Level Agreement (SLA) for Support

Level 1: Critical

  • Definition: Bugs that cause severe failures in the system, resulting in complete inoperability or significant data loss, with no viable workaround. Examples include system failures affecting all users, critical data loss, and security vulnerabilities that could be exploited.
  • Response: Immediate and off-market mobilization of the engineering team for urgent resolution. These bugs have the highest priority and require immediate action to fix the issue and mitigate any damage.

Level 2: High

  • Definition: Bugs that significantly impact the functionality of the system or user experience, but do not result in complete failure. Temporary workarounds may be available. Includes issues affecting important but not critical functionalities for a large portion of users.
  • Response: These should be addressed with high priority, but do not require off-market mobilization. The team should begin the fix within a short timeframe as defined by the company's bug management policies.

Level 3: Medium

  • Definition: Bugs that have a moderate impact on the usability or performance of the system, affecting non-essential functionalities or a smaller portion of users. Workarounds are usually available.
  • Response: These bugs are scheduled for correction in regular maintenance versions or updates, without the need for immediate disruption of normal development activities.

Level 4: Low - Improvement Suggestions

  • Definition: Minor issues that do not directly affect the system’s functionality or performance. Includes suggested improvements that can enhance the user experience or optimize performance, but are not critical.
  • Response: These items are generally handled as part of the ongoing improvement process and considered for inclusion in future system updates, depending on their relevance and available resources.

3. Maintenance Communication

Maintenance Notification: All scheduled maintenance that may affect the availability or functionality of the API will be communicated at least 21 business days in advance. Communication will be made through official channels available for this purpose, ensuring that all users can adequately prepare for any potential impact.

4. Conclusion

These technical and operational conditions are in place to ensure that the services provided through our API are reliable, secure, and predictable. Adherence to these conditions enables effective and efficient collaboration between our platform and end-users.