Data Conventions

To streamline the integration process, we have implemented consistent data conventions across all request and response formats. This includes the standardized handling of dates, timestamps, and monetary values, ensuring a uniform and predictable interaction with our APIs.

Date and Time

Our API consistently uses the UTC timezone for all date-time values, following the pattern: yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss.SSSZ. This format aligns with the ISO 8601 standard. Here's a breakdown of this pattern:

YYYYFour-digit year2023
MMTwo-digit month (01-12)01
DDTwo-digit day of the month (01-31)31
TSeparator between date and timeT
HHTwo-digit hour of the day in 24-hour format (00-23)15
mmTwo-digit minutes (00-59)45
ssTwo-digit seconds (00-59)00
.SSSFractional seconds (optional).123
ZIndicates the time is in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)Z

Monetary Values

All monetary values are represented using an object, with contains the value and currency, ensuring precision and clarity.

"amount": {
  "value": Number,
  "currency": String
  • value: The integer monetary amount in the smallest unit of the specified currency (e.g., cents for USD). For example, a value of 100 in a USD context would mean 1 dollar, as it is 100 cents.
  • currency: The type of currency, such as USD, EUR, etc.


"amount": {
  "value": 500,
  "currency": "USD"