QR Code serves as a digital representation of payment information, enabling quick, secure, and convenient transactions. PIX QR Codes contain all necessary details for a transaction, such as the recipient's account information, transaction amount, and a unique identifier, allowing users to make payments by simply scanning the code with their smartphone's banking app.

Dynamic QRCodes

Use Case: Best suited for single transactions, especially in retail environments where each purchase amount may vary. Dynamic QR Codes provide more security and can include additional transaction details.

Characteristics: Generated for a specific transaction with a unique code for each payment. They include the exact amount and additional data, ensuring a secure and accurate transaction.

The lifecycle of a Dynamic QR Code is governed by various states that indicate its current usability and status in the transaction process, as shown in the diagram below:


Description: This state indicates that the QR code is active and ready for use. It has not been redeemed, expired, or invalidated and can be scanned to perform its intended action.

Transitions: A QR code in the AVAILABLE state can transition to REDEEMED, EXPIRED, or INVALIDATED based on certain conditions like redemption, expiration, or manual invalidation.


Description: This state signifies that the QR code has been successfully used for its intended purpose. For instance, if the QR code is meant for a one-time offer or ticket, the REDEEMED state indicates that the offer has been claimed or the ticket has been used.

Transitions: Once a QR code reaches the REDEEMED state, it does not transition to any other state. It is considered a final state in the lifecycle of the QR code.


Description: The EXPIRED state indicates that the QR code has surpassed its validity period and can no longer be used for its intended action. This state is typically reached after a predefined expiration time or date has passed.

Transitions: Like REDEEMED, the EXPIRED state is a final state. A QR code in this state cannot transition to any other state.


Description: This state is used to denote that the QR code has been manually invalidated before being redeemed or expired. This might be due to various reasons, such as security concerns or the cancellation of the associated offer or event.

Transitions: INVALIDATED is also a final state. Once a QR code is invalidated, it cannot transition back to AVAILABLE or any other state.

Sandbox Environment

The sandbox environment processes all QR Codes every 30 seconds, following these guidelines:

  • If a QR Code's amount ends with 9, it will be marked as invalid and not processed further
  • If a QR Code's amount ends with 8, it will be considered pending payment and will remain until it gets expired
  • All other QR Codes with amount values not ending in 8 or 9 will be marked as paid

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