Currency Pair

The Currency Pair is a fundamental concept in the FX API, representing the trade's currencies. It specifies the direction of the trade and determines the pay and receive amounts involved in an Order.

Supported Currencies: The API currently accepts Brazilian Real (BRL), United States Dollar (USD), and Euro (EUR). We're continuously enhancing our offerings and will soon extend our support to include cryptocurrencies such as Tether (USDT) and Bitcoin (BTC).

Trade Direction: The Currency Pair notation (BRL_USD, USD_BRL, BRL_EUR, EUR_BRL) illustrates the buying and selling direction. For example:

  • BRL_USD indicates buying USD while selling BRL.
  • EUR_BRL signifies buying BRL while selling EUR.

Pay and Receive Amounts: The Currency Pair also sets the framework for pay and receive amounts in an Order:

  • In a BRL_EUR transaction, the payment is made in BRL, and the receiving amount is in EUR.
  • Conversely, EUR_BRL transactions will involve payment in EUR and receiving amounts in BRL.

Currently, we only support pairs with Brazilian Real (BRL).


A Quote reflects the current spot price of a currency pair. The API enables users to lock in a quote for a designated period, allowing them to execute buy or sell orders at a price determined just seconds earlier.

For detailed instructions on how to lock a quote, please visit Quote Locking