An Order represents the actual exchange operation to be executed. It progresses through several statuses, reflecting the stages from creation to payment.


An Order can have one of the following statuses, each indicating a specific stage in the execution process:

  • OPEN: Marks the initial phase of an Order. At this stage, the Order has been created but not yet executed.
  • CLOSED: This status indicates that the Order has been successfully executed.
  • COMPLETED: Represents the completion of the payment process by the client. The Order is fully paid, and the transaction is considered complete.
  • FAILED: Indicates that the order has failed and cannot be processed. Should be consult the order to check the reason for the failure.
  • CANCELED: Indicates that the order has been canceled and was not processed. Contact support to determine the reason for the cancellation.

Spot Price

While creating or simulating an Order, users can specify a quote ID to use its locked spot price. Without a specific quote, the Order will default to the current market price. Orders are also assigned a retail price, encompassing the spot price plus any associated fees (excluding taxes).

Retail Price

The retail price is calculated by adding the customer-agreed spread to the spot price, with the spread differing based on whether the exchange market is open or closed.

In Brazil, the exchange market operates from 10:00 to 16:30 (GMT-3) on working days, and a different spread is applied when it is closed.


  • The pay amount tells how much the client will pay for the Order.
  • The receive amount signifies the sum the client gets from the transaction.


This functionality allows users to input the same parameters used for creating a new buy or sell order to simulate the operation. The simulation provides users with detailed estimates of payment and receipt amounts that would result if the transaction were executed with those parameters. This feature enables users to make informed decisions by previewing the financial outcomes before committing to an actual order.

Amount Locking

The simulation feature provides a locking mechanism for the payment or receipt values based on the currency in which the order amount is specified:

  • If the order value is entered in the payment currency: This amount is locked, meaning taxes and additional fees are subtracted from the expected receipt amount in the foreign currency.
  • If the order value is entered in the receipt currency: Taxes and fees are added to the total payment amount in the local currency

Example: For a simulation with the currency pair BRL_USD:

  • If the order value is specified in BRL, the payment amount is locked, and all taxes and fees are deducted from the receivable amount in USD.
  • If the order value is specified in USD, taxes and fees are added to the payment amount in BRL.

This locking behavior allows clients to clearly understand their financial obligations or receipts depending on the specified order value and assists in more accurate financial planning.

Sandbox Environment

Important information regarding the sandbox environment:

  • All orders are automatically closed every 30 minutes
  • Initial company settings include a 0.2% on market fee and a 0.5% off market fee to support platform maintenance and ensure a balanced trading environment